Year 22,Day 1

by theresolutionprojectblog

This is a digital diary to keep myself in check for the coming months.Even before I call today Day 1,you all need an introduction of sorts.

I am Neha Sarna hailing from the capital of a diverse country called India.Ever since I was a kid,I have been tortured and tormented,picked at,humiliated,scolded by adults(siblings and family friends et cetra),ignored by boys,self-loathed and what not.This charade continued till my graduation when I was 21 years.Imagine,21 years of torture,ignoring the mirror,womens’/girls’ section of wardrobe,inferiority complex.Till my sister enrolled me with a dietician,and whoop my weight fell down a staright 20 massive kilograms from 91 to 71 kg.(200 lbs to 156 lbs)in less than half a year.Boy!was I elated and jubilant to see my-pretty self in the mirror. 

Coming a stiff tae-kwon-do background(yes!I played tae-kwon-do at the national level in school),I thought myself to be quite flexible,and then I developed a severe back problem.Diagnosed at a tender age of 17,I had given up all forms of exercises,and resorted to lethargy and junk food.

But like I said,at 21,I lost most of my puppy fat.But a tragedy ensued.My mother passed away.And I went back into my shell.Not resorting to junk food or lethargy this time.I decided to take charge of my life and the stress and depression that was engulfing me,and joined the gym.Albeit,I lost not a single kilogram in 3 months,I started to enjoy working out.I looked forward to it.It was my method of easing my stress,and calming myself.Having hit the plateau stage,and suffering many setbacks(I get severe back cramps with excessive/strenuous back workouts) I decided that I shall not be satisfied,and with all these inspirational blogs I came across this past month,I decided to dedicate the rest of the year to losing a healthy 15 more kilograms(33 lbs).

Albeit I have been working out for months now,today I decided to change my approach a little.Credits to I found these amazing at-home Workout videos.I had ordered Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred,which was sitting on my study table (during my exams) and as my exams ended day before,I decided:no rest,and straight to workout.

With passage of months:I am planning to order Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift,and when I do attain my goal,switch to Yoga and Belly Dancing(how I’ve fascinated my sexy belly swaying and moving with nothing but a skimpy top and a low-waisted track pant without my gigantic belly looking silly).But that’s all for later.

So,day 1:Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred(my review):I have been busting my ass in the gym for almost 7 months now,where I run 4-5 20 minutes,circuit train for another 20 minutes,then work on my abs/sides for another 10(I do less of sides now,because it aggravates my back ache,and then I am bedridden for almost a month!).This brief history was required to explain that barring my religious dedication to working out,my heart was never experienced such a kick!Yes!I can feel my heart thump when I run at a speed of 13/14 kmph but the entire 20 minutes of this workout,I could feel my heart rate sore through the sky non-stop for 20 minutes,which in simple language means,more calorie burn for a longer duration(even after the workout!).

The circuit training involving both the upper and lower body was a new concept to me,and yes,I DID skip a few reps.Having a relatively flexible and high endurance I preferred Natalie(the pro over the beginner) to follow.Some of the exercises very relatively easy for me,but after 20 minutes,I could feel that the last 20 minutes my body HAS worked hard.

I haven’t measured my weight today,I intend to do that on June 1,but I am sticking with Level 1 for a few days.

It is difficult to give my verdict so soon,but I am looking forward to another day of a challenging workout tomorrow.Bring it on Jillian.=D.

 I hope you all shall like my effort,and if you have ANY question/doubt please feel free to ask(privately too if you want)




P.S.:As soon as I get myself a new camera,shall start posting pictures for your perusal.