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Month: June, 2012

Goal:10 kilograms in 3 months

And let’s just call it June 18,instead of 17(its 00:35 by my watch),and I’m stuck at home ’cause of fever.This Delhi heat has taken a serious toll on my health.=/.And I literally sick of bed-resting.=/.

So,I set my goal today:10 kilograms to lose till Sep.18,2012.

No workout tomorrow,but day after onwards I’m hitting the gym and sharing all my experience:the setbacks,the soreness,the pain-staking workouts,the unwillingness to continue further AND the success stories,along with measurements and weight and inch loss.

Weight today:67 kgs.

Height:169 cms.

Ideal weight:57 kgs.

Days to go:90


10 More To Go

At the gym today,something happened which I had been pining/sweating my ass off for/working (out)like a donkey,strictly restraining my carb.intake,in a nutshell,the past 8 months have been excruciatingly painful and extremely demoralizing.In the last    eight months of working out,I had lost not a single kilogram,nor lost an inch.

Past two weeks,I have been showered with compliments that I’ve lost weight and all that jazz,but the self-critical person that I am,I shunned them,’cause I really did not see any difference.So,when I got my analysis done today,I was beyond shocked.I had lost 4 kilograms,leaving the 70s range behind,FINALLY. *phew!wiping the sweat off my forehead*  My current weight:67 kilograms.And even though I am beyond glad to have broken the what seemed unsurmountable plateau,I think those 8 months of pain seem sort of worth it.I shall not deny that I got frustrated,felt like giving up at every abjectly dejecting body analysis,but today,after all the pain and hard work that has gone into losing those 4 kilograms seems worth it.=).

Albeit,I am glad to have broken the plateau,I still have a long way to go,10 kilograms worth of long.And I need to get rid off the fat and transform it into muscle and that too within the next three months.Yes!I like to set goals.Keeps me focused.

I am super-joyed also,’cause tomorrow I FINALLY start weight training.Coupled with a 5 km jog,I also intend to start off the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred tomorrow as well.I sure am super-kicked.I sound like a fitness-geek,and I’m totally proud of it.=D.

Just remember,there are going to be setbacks,A LOT of them,people will vote against you and your strength to endure the pain and bring a significant change in your life,but nothing is more self-gratifying than proving them wrong.Seeing your body shape up in the mirror and see the hard work pay off.

Whatever happens,NEVER EVER LET YOUR SPIRIT DIE.Inside AND outside the gym.

And I Am Leaner

..or that’s what my trainer at the gym said.=D.

I finally decided to hit the gym for a breath of solace.Gymming is home away from home.For me at the least.I feel my body become powerful when I am working my muscles.It de-stresses me.Generates endorphins,and it just makes my day to work out.

But today when after almost a month I hit the gym for  menial walk on the treadmill,10 minutes on the elliptical,and some floor exercises for my back,my trainer complimenting me that I look leaner,made my day.=D.I haven’t worked out in the longest time,ergo,it is the abstention from consuming calorie-rich ‘junk’ food,and sticking to my healthier five meals-plan is starting to pay off.Not that I noticed any difference,and still having a long(10-13 kg.) way to go,I am not yet satisfied.

So,stick with the plan till you achieve what you seek.

I NEED Those Legs

I am a BIG BIG BIG fan of fashion.Like any other girl,I love to shop,but because of my current (and previous) weight,I usually end up making a lot of sacrifices when shopping.My triceps are huge and wobbly,being  a pear-shaped person,my weight is massively concentrated around the belly and my legs and thighs are GINORMIC.The only muscle on my body which isn’t fat is the one constituting my breasts (which really really really offends me sometime.=/).Anyhoo,so now that Summer is here,and Delhi is this boiling pot of fire,I haven’t had the energy to wear my denim pants even a single time.I.JUST.CANNOT.

So,its time to pull out my shorts and skirts.Unabashedly,I trot around exposing my manly calves and thunder thighs,with heads turning to compliment my brave act.So,for my lovelies,who shy away from wearing shorts/skirts during summer,I have a few handy tips for you:

1.Be confident about your body.NOBODY observes and criticizes you under a microscope like you do.I crib about my body.ALOT.(if you haven’t noticed already),however,that does not prevent me from showing off my legs.If you walk around with confidence no one is going to scrutinize your flaws.If you are uncomfortable and lack confidence and self-esteem even a salwaar-kameez or a denim pant is bound bring your body down,

2.This is a simply exercise:Stand at the tip of the stair,with the toes on the stair and your feet resting in air,parallel to the floor.Take support from the railing,and raise your legs as high as possible,hold for one second and bring them down at a 45 Degree angle from the stair.Start with 20 reps/3 sets.And increase it as you go along.This is an amazing exercise for those manly calves.

3.Run:This is probably the best exercise apart from swimming and one which I loathe the most.Still,after a 4 the treadmill of course!),the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I have,is just beyond words of explanation,

4.Swimming:it exercises muscles you did not know existed.Apart from running this is the best possible exercise which involves both cardio and strength.

Pitfalls and Predicaments

I have been on complete bed rest since Friday last week,because of my bad back.My folks are furious at me,they think I over-do the workout.So for my assurance,more than theirs,I clarified with my physiotherapist whether or not I should let my body endure such strenuous workouts?And the myth was busted:YES!I CAN.

The problem with people like me is we aim too high to sculpt our bodies that we forget to strengthen the muscles we employ the most(The back,the neck).More than 90% of the work-outters at my gym do not stretch before the workout,nor do they have any cool down routine after they have finished their workout.Their aim is to shape up their bodies.THAT.IS.IT.

This is simply intolerable.This is torturing your body.Which is quite an irony,’cause its for your (health and)body you shelled out so much money to join the gym.Right?

The doc told me a few basic floor exercises for my back,and albeit I cannot immediately start working out,I am looking forward to it.=).

Tips in case you have recently suffered a back/knee injury and wish to start working out:

1.CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR,if he recommends against it,DON’T DO IT,

2.Start from the ABCs.After a long interval you ought to start from scratch(keep in mind your essential body part is still vulnerable),light cardio and floor exercises for at least 3 days,

3.Stretch before AND after your workout.Strength training and cardio aids and sculpts your body but does not make it flexible.You cannot afford to have rigid muscles.

4.Incorporate exercises for your knee/back.

5.On the treadmill,do not walk on incline,it strains BOTH your knees and back.And under no circumstance should you RUN on an incline.Remember,this is NOT a hill,just an artificial duplicate.

The doc has advised me to commence my workout today onwards,so I shall,as mentioned above shall start from scratch.


Day 2

Oh yes,I skipped a day.My back ache is taking a serious toll on my exercise routine.=/.Apart from that,I JUST completed my ‘second’ day of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.And mind you,I work out like a crazy person at the gym,but this non-stop 30 minute workout makes me pant like a crazy person.And this for me is SURELY a good thing.Apart from that considering today is June 1,I am starting a rigorous diet plan which is as follows(yes!I am human and I have my cheat days,but shall let you know WHEN and HOW MUCH I end up cheating):

Breakfast:Cucumber Juice/Oatmeal with Skimmed milk,

Mid-morning:A GIGANTIC bowl of watermelon,as much as I can have,

Lunch:Steamed veggies(capsicum,brocoli,mushroom,soya chunks and raw cucumber and tomato slices with lemon squeezed over it),


Dinner:same as lunch,or some modified version of it(salad with dressing et cetra)

I am not really a tea/coffee person if you are one of those religious consumers of caffeine then make it a point to have it without sugar,substitute it with sugar free,or better yet honey.

You must remember that weight loss is 80% diet and 20 % workout.Like no shortcut to a workout there isn’t a shortcut to an iron Will.I have the meanest sweet tooth,so my mantra is NOT eat chocolate/desserts at all,because then I cannot keep control over myself.If you can keep yourself in control then nothing better than some indulgence once in a while.

I get bored very easily,so I modify my diet quite a bit,the basic structure however remains the same.

So,if you get bored of the so-called ‘cardboard-crap'(as some people like to put it!=P),let me know,shall tell you interesting ways to enjoy your must know,I am a lazy cook,I’d rather follow the easiest method to suffice my hunger than dedicate diligent effort to prepare a good meal for myself.

So,if you have any doubts,you can get back at me here.=)

This is N signing out.