Day 2

by theresolutionprojectblog

Oh yes,I skipped a day.My back ache is taking a serious toll on my exercise routine.=/.Apart from that,I JUST completed my ‘second’ day of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.And mind you,I work out like a crazy person at the gym,but this non-stop 30 minute workout makes me pant like a crazy person.And this for me is SURELY a good thing.Apart from that considering today is June 1,I am starting a rigorous diet plan which is as follows(yes!I am human and I have my cheat days,but shall let you know WHEN and HOW MUCH I end up cheating):

Breakfast:Cucumber Juice/Oatmeal with Skimmed milk,

Mid-morning:A GIGANTIC bowl of watermelon,as much as I can have,

Lunch:Steamed veggies(capsicum,brocoli,mushroom,soya chunks and raw cucumber and tomato slices with lemon squeezed over it),


Dinner:same as lunch,or some modified version of it(salad with dressing et cetra)

I am not really a tea/coffee person if you are one of those religious consumers of caffeine then make it a point to have it without sugar,substitute it with sugar free,or better yet honey.

You must remember that weight loss is 80% diet and 20 % workout.Like no shortcut to a workout there isn’t a shortcut to an iron Will.I have the meanest sweet tooth,so my mantra is NOT eat chocolate/desserts at all,because then I cannot keep control over myself.If you can keep yourself in control then nothing better than some indulgence once in a while.

I get bored very easily,so I modify my diet quite a bit,the basic structure however remains the same.

So,if you get bored of the so-called ‘cardboard-crap'(as some people like to put it!=P),let me know,shall tell you interesting ways to enjoy your must know,I am a lazy cook,I’d rather follow the easiest method to suffice my hunger than dedicate diligent effort to prepare a good meal for myself.

So,if you have any doubts,you can get back at me here.=)

This is N signing out.