Pitfalls and Predicaments

by theresolutionprojectblog

I have been on complete bed rest since Friday last week,because of my bad back.My folks are furious at me,they think I over-do the workout.So for my assurance,more than theirs,I clarified with my physiotherapist whether or not I should let my body endure such strenuous workouts?And the myth was busted:YES!I CAN.

The problem with people like me is we aim too high to sculpt our bodies that we forget to strengthen the muscles we employ the most(The back,the neck).More than 90% of the work-outters at my gym do not stretch before the workout,nor do they have any cool down routine after they have finished their workout.Their aim is to shape up their bodies.THAT.IS.IT.

This is simply intolerable.This is torturing your body.Which is quite an irony,’cause its for your (health and)body you shelled out so much money to join the gym.Right?

The doc told me a few basic floor exercises for my back,and albeit I cannot immediately start working out,I am looking forward to it.=).

Tips in case you have recently suffered a back/knee injury and wish to start working out:

1.CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR,if he recommends against it,DON’T DO IT,

2.Start from the ABCs.After a long interval you ought to start from scratch(keep in mind your essential body part is still vulnerable),light cardio and floor exercises for at least 3 days,

3.Stretch before AND after your workout.Strength training and cardio aids and sculpts your body but does not make it flexible.You cannot afford to have rigid muscles.

4.Incorporate exercises for your knee/back.

5.On the treadmill,do not walk on incline,it strains BOTH your knees and back.And under no circumstance should you RUN on an incline.Remember,this is NOT a hill,just an artificial duplicate.

The doc has advised me to commence my workout today onwards,so I shall,as mentioned above shall start from scratch.