I NEED Those Legs

by theresolutionprojectblog

I am a BIG BIG BIG fan of fashion.Like any other girl,I love to shop,but because of my current (and previous) weight,I usually end up making a lot of sacrifices when shopping.My triceps are huge and wobbly,being  a pear-shaped person,my weight is massively concentrated around the belly and my legs and thighs are GINORMIC.The only muscle on my body which isn’t fat is the one constituting my breasts (which really really really offends me sometime.=/).Anyhoo,so now that Summer is here,and Delhi is this boiling pot of fire,I haven’t had the energy to wear my denim pants even a single time.I.JUST.CANNOT.

So,its time to pull out my shorts and skirts.Unabashedly,I trot around exposing my manly calves and thunder thighs,with heads turning to compliment my brave act.So,for my lovelies,who shy away from wearing shorts/skirts during summer,I have a few handy tips for you:

1.Be confident about your body.NOBODY observes and criticizes you under a microscope like you do.I crib about my body.ALOT.(if you haven’t noticed already),however,that does not prevent me from showing off my legs.If you walk around with confidence no one is going to scrutinize your flaws.If you are uncomfortable and lack confidence and self-esteem even a salwaar-kameez or a denim pant is bound bring your body down,

2.This is a simply exercise:Stand at the tip of the stair,with the toes on the stair and your feet resting in air,parallel to the floor.Take support from the railing,and raise your legs as high as possible,hold for one second and bring them down at a 45 Degree angle from the stair.Start with 20 reps/3 sets.And increase it as you go along.This is an amazing exercise for those manly calves.

3.Run:This is probably the best exercise apart from swimming and one which I loathe the most.Still,after a 4 km.run(on the treadmill of course!),the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I have,is just beyond words of explanation,

4.Swimming:it exercises muscles you did not know existed.Apart from running this is the best possible exercise which involves both cardio and strength.