And I Am Leaner

by theresolutionprojectblog

..or that’s what my trainer at the gym said.=D.

I finally decided to hit the gym for a breath of solace.Gymming is home away from home.For me at the least.I feel my body become powerful when I am working my muscles.It de-stresses me.Generates endorphins,and it just makes my day to work out.

But today when after almost a month I hit the gym for  menial walk on the treadmill,10 minutes on the elliptical,and some floor exercises for my back,my trainer complimenting me that I look leaner,made my day.=D.I haven’t worked out in the longest time,ergo,it is the abstention from consuming calorie-rich ‘junk’ food,and sticking to my healthier five meals-plan is starting to pay off.Not that I noticed any difference,and still having a long(10-13 kg.) way to go,I am not yet satisfied.

So,stick with the plan till you achieve what you seek.