10 More To Go

by theresolutionprojectblog

At the gym today,something happened which I had been pining/sweating my ass off for/working (out)like a donkey,strictly restraining my carb.intake,in a nutshell,the past 8 months have been excruciatingly painful and extremely demoralizing.In the last    eight months of working out,I had lost not a single kilogram,nor lost an inch.

Past two weeks,I have been showered with compliments that I’ve lost weight and all that jazz,but the self-critical person that I am,I shunned them,’cause I really did not see any difference.So,when I got my analysis done today,I was beyond shocked.I had lost 4 kilograms,leaving the 70s range behind,FINALLY. *phew!wiping the sweat off my forehead*  My current weight:67 kilograms.And even though I am beyond glad to have broken the what seemed unsurmountable plateau,I think those 8 months of pain seem sort of worth it.I shall not deny that I got frustrated,felt like giving up at every abjectly dejecting body analysis,but today,after all the pain and hard work that has gone into losing those 4 kilograms seems worth it.=).

Albeit,I am glad to have broken the plateau,I still have a long way to go,10 kilograms worth of long.And I need to get rid off the fat and transform it into muscle and that too within the next three months.Yes!I like to set goals.Keeps me focused.

I am super-joyed also,’cause tomorrow I FINALLY start weight training.Coupled with a 5 km jog,I also intend to start off the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred tomorrow as well.I sure am super-kicked.I sound like a fitness-geek,and I’m totally proud of it.=D.

Just remember,there are going to be setbacks,A LOT of them,people will vote against you and your strength to endure the pain and bring a significant change in your life,but nothing is more self-gratifying than proving them wrong.Seeing your body shape up in the mirror and see the hard work pay off.

Whatever happens,NEVER EVER LET YOUR SPIRIT DIE.Inside AND outside the gym.